Meet the Fubar Inc. Staff

The Creator and Writer of Fubar Inc.

Name: James Thomas

Age: 28

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Strawberry blonde

Place of Birth: Pampa, Texas

Current Residence: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Current Occupation: Design Engineer for Spirit Aerosystems

Favorite Sayings: "Always believe me!" "I refuse to believe that my greatest accomplishments are behind me."

Favorite Comics: Dilbert, Ubersoft, User Friendly, Sinfest

Favorite Comic Characters: Wally, Boss, Piotr, Slick

His Lowly Artist/Webdesigner

Name: Jeremy Wentworth

Age: 24

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Changing..Primary blonde.

Place of Birth: Miami, Oklahoma

Current Residence: Stillwater, Oklahoma

Current Occupation: HTS for Community Access Inc. , Artist for relatively unknown webcomic.

Favorite Sayings: " There are no stupid questions, just stupid customers!!"

Favorite Comics: Penny Arcade, Movie Comics, Mac Hall, You Damn Kid, Sinfest, Calvin and Hobbes

Favorite Comic Characters: Calvin, Ian, Mr Furious, Tycho