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Meet the Tech Support Department of Fubar Inc.

Nick: Slash

Full Name: James McSlasher

Favorite Color: Green

Age: 25

A computer pirate constantly on the lam from the Federal Government (and one very popular "metal" band), Slash worked his way across the USA looking for a place to find refuge. He found that refuge at Fubar Inc. a company so large that the Government fears them. He soon found a friend in Hacker, who too was on the run for his various exploits. Slash has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and uses his skills to design hybrid versions of normal office supplies. His most recent invention is his Turbo Office Chair that runs on a two stroke lawn mower engine.

Nick: Hack

Full Name: Justin Hackerman

Favorite Color: The Absence of

Age: 25

Hack is a world class computer hacker with a heart of gold, or at least tarnished copper. Hack is a man of few words and colors, but often has the answers that everyone needs. What not many know is that Hack is using the size of Fubar Inc. to conceal his burgoning pirating business. Hack has a degree in Computer Science and is currently working on a program that will answer all customer problems for him.

Nick: Newbie

Full Name: Does anyone care? He's New!

Favorite Color: Off-White

Age: 23

Newbie is the new guy at Fubar Inc. He was quickly taken under the care of the Tech Support staff of Fubar Inc for training and orientation. Newbie knew no one at Fubar Inc. when he got hired and no one has expressed any real interest in getting to know him. He has proved valuable a couple of times as he has become the official cover the phones guy while everyone is doing their own thing. He has a degree in Management Information Systems which is why he is working for just over minium wage at Fubar Inc.

Nick: Debez

Full Name: Derek Besset

Favorite Color: Burning Red

Age: 24

Debez is the anime freak of the Fubar Inc. Tech Support Staff. He has been watching "Japanimation" for as long as he can remember. He has every episode of the original Transformers on Betamax and has memorized all of the lines from the entire Sayian Saga from Dragon Ball Z. He has martial arts training in eight different styles (all of them with a white belt standing) and has recently unlocked the power of Kayoken. Debez swears to extract revenge from all of the customers who have annoyed him during his tenure at Fubar Inc. This is fitting as revenge is the only topic that he has any formal education in.

Nick: Fed-Up, Feddie, That Guy

Full Name: Classified

Favorite Color: He is not allowed to have favorites

Age: Thirty-something

Fed-Up is a Federal Agent attempting to infiltrate the pirate rings of Fubar Inc. Any other part of his background is classified, however this much is known. He knows little to nothing about computers, and seems to be very poor "blending in"