Awkward Circumstances

By: James Thomas


            Akane Tendo was steamed.  To say that she was angry would just be an understatement to the ferocity of her feelings.  She was sure that Ranma was cheating on her, but she couldn’t figure out with whom. 


She had confronted him today at school.  His stammering denials only made her more suspicious, so she decided that a measured application of force would be required to loosen up his tongue (read: apply mallet-sama to head and send pervert to LEO).  The pigtailed projectile was then spotted by his purple haired suitor who gave chase, which was followed by his okonomiyaki cooking suitor, and so forth and so on until the typical melee ensued.  Thus the daily chase for Ranma’s hide was joined!  All the suitors, rivals, perverts, demons, etc all gave chase. 


It was a good hour before everyone realized that the quarry of their pursuit had disappeared.  With their binding agent removed the mish-mash of pursuers all went their separate ways.  Akane Tendo returned home to see if her fiancé had found his way home in the midst of the grand melee, her ire still quite heightened.


She was halfway up the stairs when she heard:


“You want this Nabs?”  A smug voice sounded.


“Stop teasing me and put it back in!” was the exasperated reply.


“Do you really want it?”


“I want it NOW!”


Incensed by these words the tomboyish fiancé charged up to the door of her sister and flung it open to see her would-be husband’s infidelity.


The scene inside was not what she was expecting.  Both her fiancé and her sister were fully clothed and on the opposite side of the room from the bed.  Ranma stood atop Nabiki’s desk chair, one hand extended upwards with a compact disc speared on his middle finger and his other hand pushing Nabiki’s face away from him as she tried to stand up against it.  Akane turned her head slightly and saw that her sister’s CD player’s disc tray was open and awaiting the return of the previous music media.


Yo, Akane.”  Ranma greeted as he stayed in the same pose she walked in on.  “Something wrong?”


Akane just stood mutely stunned for a moment before replying, “Stop picking on my sister, pervert.”  She then turned and shut the door as she left.  She felt really stupid for assuming that Ranma would cheat on her with her own sister, the Ice Queen of Furinken High no less.


“Well that was awkward.”  Nabiki commented as she took the opportunity to snatch her compact disc from Ranma’s hand.


“Yeah.”  Ranma agreed.  “But think how awkward it had been if she had come in earlier when we were having sex.”



Author’s note:  Just a little scene that popped into my head while trying to come up with ideas to begin writing again.  Hope you guys find it as funny as I did.